A 60-year old man fined Ghc12,000 for sleeping with his 3 daughters.

A 60-year-old man who engaged in sexual activity with his three biological daughters was fined Ghc12,000 for the offense.

Three fully grown sheep, crates of various drinks, and bottles of exotic schnapps were among the items that the traditional leaders of Assin Andoe in the Assin South District sought from the elderly man.

When the suspect, Kwame Atta, also known as Showboy, appeared before the traditional chiefs in the Assin Andoe Palace, he admitted to having sex with his own daughters.

The Chief decided to charge the offender after some consideration.

According to reports, the three victims, whose names have been suppressed, are in their twenties.

The daughters had endured years of sexual abuse from their father, according to Nana Yaw Oteng, who was speaking to Samuel Alfred Amoh of Adom News.

But because both their mother and father had threatened to kill them, they were frightened to report the abuse.

The problem was discovered as a result of a weird illness that plagued the family for months without a solution, leading to the knowledge of the incestuous behavior.

The perpetrator, who passed out following the chiefs’ decision, was sent to Assin Manso Medical Center for resuscitation.

Girls who are experiencing comparable adversity were asked to report such situations by Okyeame Yaw Oteng.

The Assin South Police have been informed of the problem by the chiefs.

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