A new constitution is required. The 1992 constitution is completely broken beyond repair. – Economic Fighters League

Source: myjoyonline.com

On the 30th anniversary of the 1992 constitution’s promulgation, the Economic Fighters League has renewed its push for a new constitution for Ghana.

The call comes after President Nana Akufo-Addo delivered a speech commemorating the current constitution’s 30th anniversary.

In response to requests for adjustments to the present constitution rather than a new one, Hardi Yakubu, the League’s Fighter-General, stated on JoyNews that piecemeal changes to the constitution will not suffice.

“The Constitution is broken. It is completely broken beyond repair”, he emphasized on The Pulse

Various segments of Ghanaian society have been calling for a re-examination of the 1992 constitution.

The Constitutional Review Commission was established by then-President John Evans Atta Mills in 2010 to investigate the necessity for fundamental constitutional reform.

The commission, chaired by legal luminary Prof Albert Fiadzo, presented its findings and recommendations to the government, which published a white paper supporting some but rejecting others.

Some, on the other hand, were unaffected, and their destiny is unclear. Since then, little has been heard about the procedure.

According to Hardi Yakubu, this strengthens their case for a New Constitution because a review or amendment places authority in the hands of those who profit from the existing quo.

He claims that the New Constitution process will allow for a more open and inclusive consultation process in order to “birth a truly democratic and thriving country for everybody.”

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