Act of Kindness: Atawoge Kabah puts smiles on the face of a 42 year old homeless man.

A young man by name Atawoge Kabah has proven to the world that there are still angels leaving with us on earth. While others will choose to celebrate their birthdays with friends partying, Atawoge used his birthday to bless the life of a 42 year old man.

Kabah made a passionate appeal to his friends on Facebook a day before his birthday to help him raise an amount of money that will be used to purchase a student mattress for his 42 year old friend who sleeps virtually on the floor outside. He wrote on his Facebook timeline;

“Tomorrow is my silver jubilee anniversary and I need at least 50 of my 1527 FB friends to donate GHS2 towards buying a student mattress for a 42 year friend of mine who is differently abled. Some of you may have come across him. He ply his trade at 37 and sleeps rough at the bus stop directly opposite the Zenith and Société Générale Ghana banks at North Ridge, close to the National Theatre”.

It is had to believe that angels still leave with us. Kabah did not fulfill his wish without encountering problems. Though he made this appeal with a pure heart, some people still called him a scammer. Below is a chat between him and a person who accused him of being a scammer.

On his birthday, Kabah did as he promised, he bought the mattress with a pillow and a blanket and presented the items to his friend. Kabah did the presentation of the items to his friend at night to avoid drawing the attention of people passing by. To conclude his selfless act, he handed over the money left after buying the items to the 42 year old man. This indeed is an act of kindness from the heart.

A Thank you message from Atawoge Kabah to his friends who donated to the cause.

“It was all smiles when our friend woke up to the gift.Because daylight can sometimes be shaming and photos worse, I waited till it was 7:00 pm before setting off to him. I got there at about 8:00 pm and he was already sleeping. “Boss” I called him out and I needn’t a second call for him to mutter “um…um… erm” and sat right straight up. He touched the mattress with a “this should be okay” touch when I told him they were all his and I could feel a sigh of relief and satisfaction under his breath. Not to exaggerate, he uttered thank you 10 times in a minute.

The items presented to the 42 year old man

I added him the balance left from the donations after buying him the mattress, a pillow, a bedsheet and a blanket. And at this point his voice became coaky and that was when I realized if I don’t chat him a bit and leave, he was going to shed tears.

So, I took out the gob3(gari and beans) I bought in the afternoon for lunch but was unable to eat and offered him water and just as we were about devouring it all, a troski mate hanging out menacingly on a Sprinter van came shouting “Madina Adenta Dodowa Dodowa” so he prompted me by saying “wo car nu aba.”

As I hopped on I heard him shout “bye bye ooo.”As I sat in the troski, Bob Marley’s Trench town music track began playing in my head, for whatever reason, I’m a stranger and I don’t know why. I was obviously happy and satisfied the entire ride home. All these was made possible because of YOU, my friends.

My mind was so fixated on getting him a mattress forgetting there were other things that came with making a proper and a comfy bed until one of my good friends reached out to me with his donation and I told him “Wow.

That’s great but fortunately I’ve gotten the full amount so taken additional donations would be tantamount to a scam” to which he replied, “Oh come on. Get him a blanket, a bedsheet and a pillow.He will definately need a blanket and a pillow.” It was at this point my attention was drawn to fact that he deserved a good sleep so I went back into Makola and grabbed the three items.

Dongotey really has a sharp knowledge and taste of how a good bed should be made, lol.Everything little act of kindness matters. I know how it’s like and feel. Be your sibling’s keeper. Radiate love and kindness anytime you can. It’s capable of switching suicidal thoughts and bringing out the essence of living in potential victimsI love you all who donated. Your donations showed the love you’ve for me and my friend.

Ten friend donations and we were good! The first two donors really showed love and leadership. The other eight were exceptional and I appreciate you.And to those who shared the post, you’re angels of love luminaries.With love,Signed.Kabah and Agya Kwame aka My Friend & I”

We at Chaels Media have noticed your effort, Atawoge Kabah. And we say thank you and God richly bless you.

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