Another rape case; 6 KNUST students remanded

On Wednesday, six Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) students were placed in custody again.

The suspects were charged with raping an undergraduate first year student.

The suspects were arraigned at the Asokore Mampong District Court before the latest development.

This is the second occasion that a student at KNUST has been accused of raping another student there.

After the hearing, the suspects’ attorney, Richard Adu Darko, told Accra-based TV3 that he believes his clients are innocent until they are found guilty by the court or register a plea of guilty.

“Looking at the fact which have been presented to us, honestly we don’t see rape but that’s what they have been accused of and once someone is accused, the law says the person is innocent until proven guilty or the person pleads otherwise.

“So, now until they plead that they are guilty or a court of competent jurisdiction finds them guilty, they are innocent. At this material moment, this is a court of first instance and they have been brought here for purposes of remanding them into lawful custody,” he stressed.

In order to gain bail for the six students so they may take part in their end-of-semester examinations, he claims he would go to the “proper forum.”

A second hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 17, after today’s adjournment.

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