Are Ghanaians not Blacks? A-Plus Questions Government; as a Memorial Service was held for George Floyd.

The death of George Floyd an African-American, by a police officer has seen the whole world speak against police brutality. A lot of protests have been held across the world demanding for justice for George Floyd. Most countries have spoken against the gruesome murder of George Floyd asking the legal system in America to provide justice to the Floyd’s family. A memorial service was held in honor of George Floyd, which brought people from different walks of life together.

The Government of Ghana also organised a memorial service for George Floyd on the 5th of June, 2020. This has led to a lot of people accusing the government of not doing same for Ghanaians who lost their lives in similar circumstances. A notable name among those accusing the government is A-Plus.

Kwame A-Plus is a Ghanaian musician and a political activist who is known for putting the government on their toes. In a tweet, A-Plus questions the government on whether Ghanaian lives are not important. This is as a result of a memorial service organised by the government for George Floyd who is also black. Below is what A-Plus had to say;
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