ARTS & CULTURE: Afro-Dance Bboy Workshop Tour is Coming to Ghana on March 6th 2021.

U Dance Arts International, USA is an independent entertainment U.S. based company. It was created by passionate dance enthusiasts who noticed the need for a support system for dance artists.

The group announced an Afro-Dance BBoy Workshop tour to celebrate Ghana’s Independence day, slated for March 6th, 2021 at 2PM.

The Afro Dance Bboy Workshop Tour in Ghana begins with the Dance Artists Bboy Lyricx and ThatBoyPerbi. The event is part of UDAI’s journey in supporting International artists.

As a result they chose to start in Africa because of the rich dance culture that has grown in popularity worldwide.

UDAI’s mission is to ensure dancers are respected and are acknowledged as professional artists. And as a group they are dedicated to offering opportunities for dancers to learn, network, promote their brand and develop a skill set to advance in their professional dance careers.

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