Aspire to make a Difference for others to Emulate– Mr Asante Urges the Youth

The Account Manager of Ghana Cocoa Board, Mr Alexander Asante is admonishing the Youth and Christians in general to remain focused and steadfast in all endeavours.

Mr Asante who was speaking on the theme “Making a difference as a true Disciple of Jesus” as part of 2022 Youth Month Celebration at Church of Christ, Dzorwulu pointed out that, to make a difference, one has to remain resolute and focused in order to attain exceptional greater heights.

According to the Account Manager of Ghana Cocoa Board, God always sets an open door before every human but to benefit fully from this open door, it will depend on our readiness and relationship with Him.

In this regard, he entreated the youth to always make themselves available and be ready to make a difference in all aspects of social lifestyles for others to emulate.

He appealed to the youth to always let their conscience be their guide so as to do the right thing at all times.

Mr Asante stated that, making a difference can be in a positive or negative way hence there is the need for everyone to adopt the positive one whilst waiting patiently on the Lord knowing that everything good thing takes time to come into fruition.

He tasked Christians to continue having faith and trust in the Lord and not sit on their comfort zones but going beyond it.

He called for the need to tell others what God has done for them and not always dwelling on the negativity of life for others to be encouraged.

According to Mr Asante, he observed that, most at times, when people are blessed or prospered beyond measure, they ended up increasing their standards of living whilst ignoring increasing their standards of giving. To him, this is a very bad attitude which must be checked and stopped.

He advised the youth to practice the Biblical economics which has to do with giving more to receive more.

He urged leaders or Christians to appreciate the followers since that will motivate them to excel and perform better.

He added that, there is the need to regularly conduct an assessment to know and address the needs of members.

In his closing remarks, Mr stated that, people must learn to develop and nurture some 4Qs applicable to all life issues.

The first Q is the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which refers to a person’s reasoning ability at any point in time and this helps to accommodate everyone and remain resolute in challenges.

The next Q he said, is the
Emotional Intelligence (otherwise known as Emotional Quotient or EQ) which is the ability to understand, use, and manage one’s own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

Social Quotient which is the third Q allows an individual to form friendships and alliances. It assists a person against being taken advantage of.

The fourth Q which which is the adversity quotient is a person’s ability to face situations, problems, and obstacles in life.

Experts say, a person with an adversity quotient will be able to effectively face obstacles and take advantage of opportunities.

According to him, putting these 4Qs together will help build the capacity of the christian youth for greater exploits.

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