Auditor-General cites top Judges for unlawful purchase of vehicles

The Auditor General has identified at least 16 former and present judges of the Superior Courts for the purchase of automobiles in violation of Regulation 158 of the Public Financial Management Regulations, 2019. (L.I. 2378).

According to this rule, the Principal Spending Officer of a covered entity must have the Minister’s prior written consent before transferring, exchanging, selling, donating, providing a contribution in kind, putting a vehicle into trust, or doing any other type of vehicle disposal.

Any sale, lease, or other activity referred to in Sub-regulation 1 that is made without the Minister’s express consent is void, according to Regulation 158.

Yaw Appau and Julius Ansah, two recently retired Supreme Court judges, are among the judges who were found to have obtained state-owned vehicles in violation of this statute, according to a report by the Auditor-General.

The Auditor-General desires the return of the vehicles.

“In the absence of approval from the Minister for Finance, we recommended that the auction should be nullified, and the vehicles recovered,” the report stated.

See relevant portion of the report below;

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2 thoughts on “Auditor-General cites top Judges for unlawful purchase of vehicles

  1. awoof judges, by their actions we shall know them. Land cruisers sold at salvage value smh. A day is coming surely.

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