Betting: A man remanded in police custody for using over Ghc1million of a company for soccer bet.

Nana Nhyira Agyapong, an administrative officer of an Accra based electronics firm, has been remanded in police custody for allegedly stealing over GHC1 million.

The suspect confirmed that he spent the Ghc1,079,728 on sports betting.

An internal audit sanctioned by the CEO exposed the alleged criminal act of Mr. Agyapong according to the state prosecutor.

Mr. Ayapong pleaded not guilty to the charge of stealing and forgery at the court presided over by Ellen Offei-Ayeh. He is to re-appear in court on April 4, 2022.

How the case unfolded

The prosecutor by name Inspector Maxwell Ayim said, Mr Ayapong was given Ghc800,000 by the CEO to deposit into a supplier’s bank account.

The prosecutor further said, the accused presented to the CEO stamped deposit slips with the stated face value.

Mr. Agyapong forwarded a copy of the deposit slip to the suppliers as proof of payment.

The CEO later received notice from the suppliers on March 14, 2022 indicating that the money has not appeared in the designated bank account.

“The CEO confronted the accused person and he confessed to him that he did not deposit any money on the said date and that the pay slip he sent to him was forged,” the prosecutor told the Court.

The CEO then conducted an internal audit of the firm’s funds supervised by the accused.

According to the prosecutor, the audit revealed that an additional Ghc279,728 was unaccounted for. The total amount missing summed up to Ghc1,079,728.

The case was reported to the police, which led to the arrest of the Mr. Agyapong.

“The accused person admitted to the offence in his caution statement to the Police, and stated that he used the money to stake Spotify bet and 1xbet but lost,” the prosecutor added.

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