Customs officials in Kumasi intercept more than 100 smuggled electricity meters.

The Ghana Revenue Authority’s (GRA) Customs Division has seized a bus load of prepaid electricity meters that were reportedly brought into the nation illegally.

The 28-seater Kia Grand Bird bus with the license plate AS 9723-21 was stopped on Friday at Labour, a well-known bus stop in Kumasi, when it was transporting people and cargo from Aflao to Kumasi.

The bus’s air-conditioned unit and other compartments had 117 pre-paid meters, which the customs authorities discovered.

The bus was initially stopped at the customs barrier at Kubease, close to Ejisu, by a team of customs agents, but the driver—who has not yet been identified—failed to stop, according to Sector Customs Commander Assistant Commissioner Edmund Omari.

The bus and all of its occupants were transported to the customs division’s Ashanti regional office.

Other allegedly smuggled products discovered on the bus, according to AC Omari, are also being looked into.

An inspection team from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has been looking at the meters in the meanwhile to verify their provenance.

Grace Garshon, the ECG’s Ashanti Regional Public Relations Officer, claimed that the meters are independently smuggled into the nation.

She worries that unlawful installations of these meters frequently have an impact on the business’s operations.

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