ELECTION WAHALA, UG student sues VC, Dean of Students, others over disqualification from JCR elections

It seems all Presidential Election after the 2016 need to visit the court room for settlement but (Mr.) Caleb Elorm Kadu is going too early for being disqualified.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Student Affairs, and a Senior Tutor at Alexander Kwapong Hall have all been sued by a third-year student of the University of Ghana, Caleb Elorm Kadu, at Accra High Court.


Caleb E Kadu is a level 300 student who is a hall resident of Alexander Kwapong Hall. He took this action because he was disqualified from the 2021 JCR Presidential race.

Also in the suit are the Junior Common Room (JCR) President and Electoral Commissioner of the Kwapong Hall.

Caleb E Kadu said “He received a letter from the Dean of Student Affairs disqualifying him as a Presidential candidate in the Alexander Kwapong Hall JCR elections without being given a hearing in contravention of Article 23 of the 1992 Constitution and the audi alteram partem principle of natural justice.”

He wants a declaration that his disqualification by the Dean of Student Affairs is unlawful and illegal, therefore null and void and of no legal effect.

Elorm is requesting that he be reinstated in the Kwapong JCR presidential elections

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