Five (5) facts you did not know about Red Carpet treatment.

A lot of people have come to love and attend ‘red carpet’ events during ceremonies, film festivals and awards. Fans have the opportunity to see and interact with their favorite movie and music stars. They also take photos with their stars as well as have their items signed.

Though many fans love to attend and watch ‘red carpet’ events, they do not know the history behind ‘red carpet’. Chaels Media has gathered a few of such historical facts to share with you.

Red Carpet conventionally was used as a walk way for head of states on ceremonial occasions. It is now being used by VIPs and Celebrities, event organizers and other functions that necessitates its use.

Below are the 4 facts about ‘Red Carpet’

  • The earliest known reference to walking a red carpet in literature is in the play Agamemnon by Aeschylus, written in 458 BC. The title character is offered a red path to walk upon by his wife Clytemnestra after he returned from troy.
  • In 1821, a red carpet was rolled out to a river to welcome United States President James Monroe
  • The origin of ‘red carpet treatment’ can be traced back to 1902, where the New York Central Railroad began using plush crimson carpets to direct people as they boarded their 20th Century Limited passenger train.
  • The first ever Hollywood premiere, made use of a crimson-hued carpet for the 1922 premiere of Robin Hood.
  • Red carpet was introduced at the Academy Awards at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1961.

Source: wikipedia.

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