‘Fix the country’ Snapshots. Interesting images from the demonstration.

The day has finally come. The ups and downs, the court appearances, the name calling, has all come to an end. ‘Fix the country’ demonstration (Accra) has finally come to pass.

It was massive, the streets were chocked with people from all across the country. Different classes and ages of people, joined the much awaited demonstration.

At exactly 6am today, August 4, 2021, the streets of circle were echoing the chants and voices of demonstrators. The demonstration started from Obra spot, at circle and ended at the Black Star Square.

Below are images from the demonstration:

At the Black Star Square, the demonstrators arrived in three groups. Each group arrived with massive numbers. The demonstration lasted for about 9 hours.

From the Capital, the next stop for the ‘fix the country’ demonstration is Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti Region.

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