‘Galamsey queen’ Aisha Huang, 3 others remanded over illegal mining

Aisha Huang, also known as Aisha Ruixia, a 47-year-old kingpin of the “galamsey” who was deported in 2019 is now back in Ghana and is mining without a permit.

After hearing Aisha’s appeal on Friday, the Accra Circuit Court remanded her into legal custody. Because there was no Chinese interpreter, she had to be remanded.

She is accused of engaging in the sale and acquisition of minerals without a valid license as well as illegal mining. Johng Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huaid Hai Hun, her complicits, have been accused of buying and selling minerals without a permit.

The court, presided over by Mr. Samuel Bright Acquah, remanded the three, including a girl (Jei), into lawful custody with a September 14 court date for a hearing because they have all rejected the charges.

Detective Chief Inspector Frederick Sarpong asked for their remand in custody while the case was being investigated before the court.
The complainants are security and intelligence officials, whereas the defendants are Chinese nationals, according to the information given in court.

According to the prosecution, Aisha had become well-known for participating in numerous small-scale mining operations known as “galamsey” throughout the nation.

According to the report, Aisha was detained in 2017 for a related offense but was able to “slip out of the country without punishment.”

According to the prosecution, Aisha “sneaked” into Ghana at the beginning of this year after changing the information on her Chinese passport.

According to the report, Aisha restarted small-scale mining operations without a license and went on to buy and sell minerals in Accra without a valid license as required by the Minerals and Mining Act.

According to the prosecution, she transacted the sale and purchase of minerals with the three defendants, and intelligence resulted in their detention.

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