George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Launched: Ludacris and Kevin Hart in attendance:

George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American met his untimely death in the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis. George Floyd had his neck knelt on by the police officer for almost nine minutes. Before his last breathe, Floyd called out his mothers name, “mama, mama, I can’t breathe”. His death broke the internet as a video showing how he was murdered went viral.

Seeing George Floyd in the video begging for his life, but denied by the police officer, troubled the hearts of many across the world. A lot of protests were held and are still ongoing all over the world, demanding justice for George Floyd. The police officers involved in this gruesome murder, have since been arrested and charged. The protests around the world demanding for justice for George Floyd is unprecedented.

On Thursday, the 4th of June, 2020, a memorial service was held for George Floyd. In attendance are prominent people as well as celebrities. Ludacris and Kevin Hart were in attendance alongside many other Hollywood stars. Before the opening prayer, the president of North Central University, Scott Hagan made a very important announcement.

Scott Hagan announced that, a George Floyd Memorial Scholarship has been established to give young black Americans who have the desire to lead America one day to have the necessary help they require to achieve their dreams. Scott Hagan also, threw out the challenge to other schools in America to establish a George Floyd Memorial Scholarship to serve the same purpose.

During the memorial service, family and friends took their turns at the pulpit to tell the world what they remember about George Floyd. Rev. Al Sharpton, the president of National Action Network, brought the people in attendance to a standing ovation with his powerful words of remembrance. Rev. Al Sharpton added, they will continue to push to ensure the legal system is changed to suit all mankind.

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