Ghanaian actor Prince Yawson popularly known as “waakye” reported dead.

Prince Yawson 52 years of age, a veteran Ghanaian actor, according to reports has died.

He reportedly passed away this morning at the 37 Military Hospital following a battle with illness.

The comedian cum actor, better known by his stage name “Waakye,” has appeared in a number of important Ghanaian films.

About Prince Yawson

Born Prince Yawson and known as Waakye, he is a Fante native of both Winneba and Ekumfi Otuam, where his mother is from. Waakye rose to fame during the well-liked TV drama series “Obra,” which was shown on the National Television GTV.

He played the lead in well-known films including Ogboo and Man Woman. In the majority of Harry Laud’s performances and series, including the Jagger Pee series and the Living Arts Show, he has also appeared.

Unexpectedly, after earning his degree from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), he worked as a journalist for a period. Before deciding to pursue acting as a career, he spent a number of years working as the regional correspondent and marketing officer for the Kumasi-based radio station Kess FM.

He once campaigned for President Akuffo Addo and joined the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP as a full-time, self-dedicated ambassador. However, it seems that he has not been acknowledged because his career faded after that and he fell ill.

He added that when he had his acting debut, he wanted to be named BOSEA, the Hausa name for groundnut, which is why he went by the moniker Waakye, the popular rice and beans Ghanaian delicacy.

However, Maame Dokono encouraged him to pick a another name because that sounded too much like the name of Ghana’s former president, BUSIA. Waakye was thus the person Maame Dokon choose for him, and the two of them became stars.

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