“God created Adam and Eve, not Steve and Steve!!” – Prince David Osei supports anti-LGBTQ bill.

Prince David Osei has declared support for the anti-LGBTQ bill laid before the parliament of the Republic of Ghana. The bill seeks to criminalize same sex relationships in the country.

The award winning actor wrote on his Instagram handle; “In the beginning God created Adam and Eve not Steve and Steve!! “No one is denying one’s humanity if you Gay. But we are not suppose to pretend that men are women and women are men.”

Prince David Osei further stated; “We won’t modify basic biology because it threatens ones subjective sense of being Gay”.

He further quoted Benjamin Aaron Shapiro an American conservative political commentator and media host about his thought on same sex relationship.

The quote says “For all of human history boy met girl, girl met boy! You can’t magically change your gender, you can’t magically change your age, you can’t magically change your sex”.

Prince David Osei is making this comment at a time where the religious bodies and traditional rulers are calling for the passage of the anti-LGBTQ bill.

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