Heart warming scenes from ‘fix the country’ demonstration.

People from all across the country showed up for the demonstration. Many of them wielding placards that have messages written on them.

The messages on the placards are either directed to a public servant or to a particular situation. Some of these messages were emotional and heart warming.

“I may not return home alive from this ‘demo’. And if I don’t, Mama remember I died fighting for the betterment of the next Generation” is one of the touching messages.

Other images caught the eyes of our team. The policeman below, smiled gentle to the demonstrators as they share one or two words with him.

A police officer

Another policeman, with a camera in hand couldn’t allow all the nice scenes to pass. He joined the media crew in taking images of the demonstrators with his camera.

Another person who caught the admiration of the people around is a young man who was crying for mother Ghana through out the demonstration. A second person drew attention to himself when he appeared with a picture of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

It all ended in joy and happiness for all who participated in the demonstration.

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