Hollywood: I have not lost touch with the local Ga dialect – Chris Attoh.

Despite his international exposure, veteran Ghanaian actor and Hollywood icon Christopher Keith Nii Attoh, better known in showbiz as ‘Chris Attoh,’ believes he has not lost touch with the indigenous Ga dialect.

Despite the fact that he has had the opportunity to perform on a global stage, he claims that his international fame has not caused him to lose touch with his roots.

He made a statement in Ga that was translated as “if you want me to change the language now, I will do so.”

On Saturday, the television star told George Quaye on Joy FM’s Showbiz A to Z that the previous ten years of his life had been packed with important lessons.

One of the actor’s requests, he said, has been for God to use him to impact the globe and transform people.

“The last ten years of my life have been interesting. But what they’ve been more than anything is they’ve highlighted growth. And maybe ten years ago if you said that I was going to go through the things that I did, I probably would have [doubted].

But experience has taught me that, sometimes you go through things not for yourself. Sometimes the testimony is for somebody else who may not be able to handle it, and you need to go through it so you can talk to them.

And one of them prayers I pray everyday is God use me. And sometimes that prayer comes with certain responsibilities. So it’s okay. I’m still here and a very big part of what I want to do with this platform is to continue to inspire people and continued to be beacon of light and hope”, Chris Attoh stated.

Chris Attoh also stated that he wants to make the notion that Ghana, as a country, can be on the map in all of his endeavors.

Concerning the Ghanaian film business, the experienced screen personality expressed optimism for the sector’s prospects in the next years.

In his speeches, he also advised the audience to let go of the past and move forward in order to succeed in life.

“The last decade taught me that it is all about the future. A lot of people end up living in the memory of their past. And it’s really to live in imagination. Einstein did say that imaginations are a preview of things to come.

If you want change, if you want a future, if you’re a man of vision or you’re woman of vision, then you truly have to understand that you have to start living, not in the past but in the future. Wherever and whatever you want is possible”, he advised.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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