I left GIJ and couldn’t even write a report, so the certificate was ‘rubbish’. – Bridget Otoo

Renowned Ghanaian journalist Bridget Otoo has stated that, she completed GIJ and couldn’t even write a single report. Bridget Otoo has worked with TV3 news network as a broadcaster and a news anchor.

Bridget Otoo made this revelation speaking to Nii Akwei Ismail Akwei on The Lowdown Show on Ghanaweb. She added that the certificate was ‘rubbish’ since she could not write a news report after completion.

“I left GIJ and I couldn’t even write a single report so the certificate was rubbish. I learnt on the job when I started to write and learned to tell a story. I learnt to be on camera, I learnt, and yet I had a degree in Journalism, a degree in communication studies” Bridget Otoo stated.

She further mentioned that, the notion of having a degree in communication studies as a foundation is normally not the case.

Touching on the topic; ‘being a journalist requires attending a journalism school’, the celebrated journalist said, “… some of the best journalist this country has produced didn’t have a journalism background and yet they are some of the best we look up to.”

She also added that, a TV presenter looking good is part of the branding and it helps in boosting confidence.

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