Giving a keynote address under the theme ”Transforming An Economy Through Digitization: The Ghana Story”, the Vice President touched on some key digitization programmes implemented by the government and other initiatives in the pipeline.


With digitization as a 4th industrial revolution, Dr. Bawumia used the platform to tell the Ghanaian success of how the Akufo-Addo government has used digitization to achieve a number of milestones. Below are some of the key point we should note out of his address.

  1. Ghana Card your e-passport
Ghana Card

Ghana card is a unique identification of every Ghanaian, Dr. Bawumia said, “it is possible to be born in Ghana, live in full life in Ghana, and die in Ghana without any trace of you in any document”. The Ghana Card solves this problem. The Ghana Card is now your electronic passport,

If you don’t digitize your economy there will be no economy left, period. Data is the new oil that keeps the economy of many countries, the world bank president said in the G20 meeting that “without digitization we wont be able to reap the full benefit of human progress”. and Dr. Bawumia stated that this statement is a validation of why Ghana has been focus on digitalization

2. Paperless Hospital System, according to the VEEP, all regional hospital and on the paperless system and there is no need to carry your folder from Tamale Regional Hospital to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. ChaelMedia sent chew to affirm this and we can confirm that work is ongoing at Mamprobi Polyclinic now Mamprobi Hospital to migrate them onto the system.

Central Bank Digital Currency

3. Bank of Ghana to launch E-Cedi. In his address he hinted that there will be a roll out from the central bank of Ghana to use an electronic currency. This E-currency is not a crypto-currency he added.

GHpost Digital address to go on Google map

4. GhanaPost Digital Address to be merged with Google. According to the VEEP, Google will soon merge the Digital Address of properties in Ghana into their platform. Making it possible to seek the location of a particular property, say GA-404-**** on your Google map.

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