Let me say this Emphatically, I’m not a Roman Father, I’m not Impotent and My Manhood is functioning – Nana Romeo

Nana Romeo, Accra FM presenter has come under serious attacks on social media as a result of an interview he had with Wendy Shay. During the interview, Wendy Shay walked out of the studios of Accra FM, as the host Nana Romeo insisted she answers a question about her private relationship. After this incidence, a lot of people have poured their anger on the behavior of the host on social media.

An audio was released in the course of the social media trends on the issue. A man’s voice is head from the audio demanding for sex from a lady before a financial favor is granted. This voice behind the audio is alleged to be that of Accra FM presenter, Nana Romeo. He said, “… I have proposed to you and asked you to come home. It’s not as if I want to just make love to you once and you go away; no! But you know how tough life is. If any man wants to help… I told you I like you long ago. Come home; you don’t want to come. And you expect help from me. When I ask you to come, you don’t want to come. I don’t know why you’re being so difficult about this…”.

In light of this, Nana Romeo has reacted to the voice, stating that he is not a Roman Father, neither is he Impotent. He added that he is not holy and he knows how to ask a lady out. He mentioned also that, he is not a ‘wee’ smoker, he is not a drunkard, but when it comes to women, he has dated several. Watch the video below to get the full story.


Image Credit: Rob Photography

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