Life Check: The Fact That You Are Lucky, Does Not Mean Others Are Lazy

Graduating from the university or the polytechnic and immediately finding a good job is the dream of every student. Everyone wants to have a good living, everyone wants to be respected in society, everyone wants to be famous and certainly everyone wants to enjoy the best life has to offer. But the question still remains, why are others not enjoying life as they should have?

Year-in-year-out, thousands of students graduate from the various institutions with various degrees of qualifications. However, they all have to compete for jobs in the same space. The process of searching for jobs in Ghana especially is very frustrating. In addition to this, the rate at which new jobs are being created is very low. This situation leaves graduates with just a hand full of jobs to compete for.

A proportion of the available jobs are being managed and/or owned by people who also have their family members as part of the graduating students. I can confidently say, such class of graduates have automatic employment. There comes the political aspect too, where politicians intentionally keep job vacancies for their families or party faithful’s. With all these things happening, now tell me, how many jobs are left for the ‘have not’ to compete for?

You are gainfully employed today because you paid a bribe for the job, or your family name gave you the job, or your family owns the company, or your family member is a politician, or you belong to a certain political party. All these are possible ways to get employed in this country. Of course, I will not forget those who were employed genuinely because they have the necessary qualification. The fact still remains that some went through the back door.

Now, remember that there are people who are classified as the ‘have not.’ They do not have a politician in their family, they do not have the money to pay for a job, they do not have a ‘big family name’ so to say, and they are the first in their families to achieve such heights. Such people are probably the majority in the country. Before you look down on someone because the person is not well to do in society, ask yourself, if this person had the opportunities I had, what would have become of him/her?

We are quick to judge people without finding out what there are going through. You are lucky! You are lucky!! You are lucky!!!;

  • You are lucky because, your father, mother, or family member owns a company.
  • You are lucky because your father or mother has laid the foundation for you.
  • You are lucky because you belong to a certain political party.
  • You are lucky because your family member is a politician.
  • You are lucky because you can afford to pay money for a job.
  • You are lucky because you had the opportunity to attend school.

Now before you call me lazy, or judge me, or insult me, or disrespect me, or look down on me, think about the reasons above. I’m not LAZY, I just wasn’t lucky enough.

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