Lifestyle tips: 3 Benefits of Exercising in the Morning

Body exercise is an activity that comes with a lot of benefits to the people who pick a schedule and stick to it. But the question is, what time of the day is appropriate for exercising?

Due to work schedules, and other daily activities, one can choose to exercise in the morning, afternoon, or evening. These are some benefits associated with exercising in the morning.

1. Helps in burning body fat faster.

If you are looking to burn some body fat, morning exercise is the way to do it. A study published in EBioMedicine in 2015 found out that 24-hour fat lose is highest in the morning, when the participants exercised before breakfast.

From the study, ten young men were made to exercise in the morning, afternoon, and evening over separate sessions.

In another study, researchers supervised overweight and sedentary exercise program for a period of ten months. The study which was published in the International Journal of Obesity, revealed that, the group that exercised before noon lost more weight than the others.

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2. Helps blood pressure management.

A lot of activities as well as diet choices can have an effect on blood pressure management. Studies have shown that blood pressure can be controlled through exercise.

A study was conducted in 2014 to investigate the effects of aerobics timing on circadian BP. The study is published in Vascular Health and Risk Management. The findings show that the group that exercised at 7am have most favorable blood pressure changes.

This and many other studies by researchers show that, exercising in the morning can help in blood pressure management.

3. Better sleep experience.

Having a good sleep is good for your body and your general wellbeing. But, did you know that exercising in the morning can help you have a sound sleep?

Yes, that is true, a research team investigated the effects of morning exercise on sleep architecture in 2014, and the results are mind blowing. The study which is published in Vascular Health and Risk Management revealed that, participants got better sleep by exercising in the morning.

The study added that, the participants spend more time in deep sleep after exercising in the morning. They also spend less time to fall asleep, and experience less nighttime awakenings.

So what are you waiting for? Make an exercise schedule and stick to it.

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