(listen): Sarkodie endorses the re-election of H.E Nana Addo campaign in his new song “Happy day”.

Ghana has just a month and a few days to go to the polls to elect the leaders of the country. Political parties are busy on their campaign rallies communicating their manifestos to the people.

Though in the past, celebrities seem to be quiet about their affiliation to political parties, the trend has changed as some have publicly declared their support for the political parties they sympathize with.

The latest to join the likes of Agya Koo, Mr. Beautiful, John Dumelo among others is rapper Sarkodie. The versatile rapper though has not publicly declared his support for any political party, his new song titled “happy day” seems to suggest he has thrown his support behind H.E Nana Addo.

In the song, the rapper acknowledged some good works the president has done and asked him to continue to do more.

He said in ‘twi’ “…during the era of dumsor, I spoke about it, and I also touched on inflation, but if today I’m sleeping in light and my children will go to school for free, then forgive me, I give you all the respect, Nana continue …” This has raised political conversations among fans on social media.

Sarkodie, during the previous government released two songs to express his dissatisfaction about some happenings in the country. He addressed ‘dumsor’ in one and ‘inflation ‘ in the other. He has however, remained silent during the ruling of the current government until the release of this song.

Listen to the song below:

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