Make parliament totally independent, scrap deputy ministerial position from our constitution-Hon. Kennedy Nyarko Osei

Hon. Kennedy Nyarko Osei is the member of parliament for Akyim Swedru constituency and a formal deputy minister of agriculture.

Hon. Kennedy who served in Akufo-Addo’s first term as a deputy minister has given three amendments he wants to see in the constitution of Ghana.

He made this known on January 7, 2022, a the day set aside to celebrate Ghana’s constitutional Day. Hon. Kennedy believes these amendments will go a long to reduce the administrative cost of the government.

“As we celebrate the constitutional Day, three major amendments I want to see in our constitution” he said. “Amending the constitution to make parliament total independent from the executives.”

He also added that, the deputy ministerial positions should be scrapped from the constitution. And Also, the constitution should be amended to allow the election of the MMDCES.

Read his post below:

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