Marburg virus cases recorded in Ashanti Region

Following a test on the victims, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has reported finding two possible cases of the Marburg Virus sickness in the Ashanti Region.

The two people had blood drawn for testing after exhibiting symptoms of acute hemorrhagic fever, according to the GHS.

The samples have since been submitted to the Institute Pateur in Dakar, Senegal, for confirmation, according to the GHS, with assistance from the World Health Organization.

“Preliminary results suggest the infection is due to the Marburg virus. No new cases have been reported since the two samples were taken two weeks ago.” GHS said in a statement on July 7.

34 contacts of the two people who reported the probable infections have been placed in quarantine by the Ashanti Regional Health Directorate.

There are also ongoing additional investigations into the cases and the contacts.

Information about Marburg Virus Disease

Marburg Virus Disease is a rare but severe hemorrhagic fever that affects both human and non-human primates.

It is caused by the Marburg virus. It is transmitted by infected persons or animals from direct contact with body fluids, blood and other discharges from the affected person or animal.

The incubation period for the disease is two to twenty-one days. Treatment is symptomatic and there is currently no vaccine available.

Symptoms include; fever, bloody diarrhoea, bleeding from gums, bleeding into the skin, bleeding into eyes and bloody urine.

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