Murder: Two drivers with human head in their car arrested.

The Accra Regional Police Command is presently holding two drivers for allegedly possessing a “fresh” male human head.

After the car they were riding in was involved in a collision on Sunday evening around 8pm, the two were taken into custody at Hoobor near Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipality.

Witnesses claimed that after the car performed multiple summeraults and landed in a ditch, the human head that had been hidden inside a bag inside the rear seat of the car was made visible.

Witnesses claim that the Amanfrom police were alerted right away, which resulted in the arrest of one suspect and the eventual capture of another who had managed to flee the scene.

According to a witness who spoke to Daily Guide under the condition of anonymity and described the occurrence, the two suspects (whose identities have been withheld by the police) were traveling from Kasoa to Amasaman in a Toyota Corrolla Taxi cab with the license plate GW 5532-21.

He claimed that despite the two men evading a police barricade, no officers inspected their car.

The driver allegedly tried to avoid a pothole after arriving in the Hobor region, but in doing so, the car summersaulted and came to rest in a ditch, according to the eyewitness.

According to the information acquired, the two suspects are taxi drivers, and the head discovered belongs to a rival taxi driver who was killed on that particular Sunday night.

Source: DGN

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