NADMO issues a dire flood warning for the Ashanti Region

As the Ashanti Region continues to record high rains, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has issued a warning that the area may soon begin facing catastrophic disasters.

Numerous wetlands in Kumasi have been reported to have significant river encroachment. In the Greater Accra Region, flood levels have already forced many people to flee.

The Ashanti Region continues to record regular rains, although the Region has not yet documented any significant damage brought on by the downpour.

NADMO asserts that the area is not yet safe. There are a number of constructions at Ahodwo that are in waterways. The circumstance is the same at Ahinsan Estate.

Even worse is the situation in the Ejisu neighborhood, where private developers fully filled in the Oda River’s buffer zone, causing occasional floods.

The Director General of NADMO, Eric Nana Agyemang Prempeh, expressed worry over the development.

“What we are doing today is part of our preventive activities. You know for sometime now the floods are becoming more all over the country.

“Today, I came to the Kumasi metropolis to see some of the things that are bringing in more floods. Yes, we know people are building on unauthorized places and other things. But there are other things that come up all the times,” he said.

“We realized that people are filling buffers, wetlands and water bodies which is very bad. If you look around here, this is a big buffer for the Oda River so that anytime there is heavy rains the buffer can take a lot of waters and cannot go to other people’s houses. But today what we see private developers are filling to put up structures. I’m told they have no permit. NADMO together with other security agencies have stopped them and we are not going to allow them to build here,” he assured.

He claimed that weeds and other things had engulfed the water bodies, obstructing water movement.

He also declared that they would carry out the president’s orders to demolish properties that were near waterways.

“If you look at most of the places, we need to desilt places. Desilting is one of the problems we are facing now. That is why we are experiencing a lot of floods.”

“Yes, the President has given directives to Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to make sure they pull down some of the buildings on waterways but you and I know in this country the MMDAS are seriously working hard together with Local Government Ministry to make sure they implement president’s Directives,” he said.

He concluded that in order to carry out the orders, the Assemblies require the assistance of NADMO, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other security authorities.

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