New National Poll: Ghana is heading in the wrong direction; 67% oppose Agyapa deal.

Global InfoAnalytics released a new opinion survey in July 2022 covering a wide rang of topics. Some of which includes; ” who will you vote for in 2024?; direction of the country; president’s job approval; performance of the government; state of corruption in Ghana;” etc.

When it comes to the country’s direction, a staggering 76 percent of Ghanaians think it is going in the wrong path, compared to only 16 percent who think it is.

This shows a considerable decline from polls conducted in April 2022, when 26 percent of respondents and 67 percent, respectively, believed that the country was moving in the wrong path.

Only 23% of voters say they are satisfied with the way the president is handling his duties, and 72% say they are not. This results in a net favorability rating for the president of -49 percent (down from -40 percent in April 2022).

By a margin of 69 percent to 30 percent, voters oppose using public monies to erect the national cathedral. Christians are the group that is most opposed to the change, with 72 percent of Christians opposing it compared to 65 percent of Muslims.

Voters are divided on whether the government should move forward with the Agyapa deal: 67% are against it and 24% are in favor. The opposition is opposed by 58 percent of NPP followers, 79 percent of NDC supporters, and 71 percent of floating voters, according to party affiliations.

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