One person shot dead in a clash between Ofoase Zongo and Brenase youth

In an altercation between Brenase and Ofoase Zongo youth in the Eastern Region, one individual was shot and killed.

The incident also resulted in gunshot wounds to four additional people.

Sources claim that the altercation occurred as a result of rising hostility between the citizens of the two communities. After a young man from Brenase was allegedly brutally attacked by some teenagers from Ofoase Zongo, tensions apparently rose. The young man is accused of assaulting a Zongo community member and damaging his motorcycle.

The victim’s father and another person who went to the neighborhood after hearing about the incident were both attacked and turned over to the police.

The string of incidents incensed the Brenase youngsters, but their attempt to revenge was thwarted by the Police’s intervention.

The victim was reportedly killed on Wednesday after the Ofoase Zongo youngsters were apparently ambushed by Brenase youth.

The youth of Brenase received news that the Zongo youth of Ofoase had mobilized in trucks and cars with weapons in an attempt to invade Brenase community, according to a local who described the incident to Starr News.

As a result, they also got ready and prepared to ambush their enemies on the streets.

Since then, armed police and military personnel have been working as a joint security force in the two towns.

The “situation is currently under control,” according to Superintendent George Bawah, commander of the Akyemansa District Police.

The four injured people are responding to treatment, he added.

Yaw Akowia, the chairman of the unit committee, claims that despite the significant security presence, the simmering conflict between the communities is still evident.

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