Police Aptitude Test, Questions and Answers: Try your hands on them.

The Ghana Police Service are under the Ministry of the Interior with the president as commander-in-chief.

Police recruitment require a good score in the aptitude test. Preparing for the aptitude test will increase your chances of success to the next stage of the recruitment process. You might have gone through a the body screening stage to qualify for this stage.

To qualify out of this stage, you must provide correct answers for the test. You need to be equipped with good knowledge of the test you might face.

Aptitude Test Scope & Curriculum Areas

Subjects mostly tested are:
• General knowledge about the Police
• Numeracy knowledge & Arithmetic reasoning
• Literacy knowledge
• General Science

Ghana Police General knowledge Questions & Answers

What is the organization of the Police?
• Answer: The Police is composed of the police general recruits and police officers

What is the Police Service command structure?

Answer: The Police command structure extends from the Minister of Interior in the government to commanders in the field. Police units are deployed in all towns and regions of Ghana.

What is the structure of the Police?
The Ghana Police has 10 ranks for officers with Inspector General of Police (IGP) being the highest rank. Below is the list of Police commissioned officers ranks:
Inspector General of Police (IGP), Deputy Inspector General (D/IGP), Commissioner of Police (COP), Deputy, Commissioner of Police (DCOP), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Chief Superintendent of Police (C/Supt), Superintendent (Supt) , Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) , Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Chief Inspector

What are the aims and objectives of Police?
• The Police as it is now called has as its motto “Service with Integrity”.
The objectives of the Police are
• Crime detection and prevention
• Apprehension (arrest) and prosecution of offenders
• Maintenance of law and order
• Due enforcement of the law

When Was The of Police Service established?
• Answer: It was established in 1894, the Institution of Police was formalized with the passing of the Police Ordinance which gave legal authority for the formation of a Civil Police Force which was known as the Gold Coast Police Force. In 1957 the Gold Coast Police Force was renamed to Ghana Police Service

What equipment has the Police?
• equipment consists of older weapons of British, Brazilian, Swiss, Swedish, Israeli, and Finnish origin. The Ghanaian Police inventory gave the following equipment : FV-601 Saladin and EE-9 Cascavel reconnaissance vehicles; MOWAG Piranha armored personnel carriers; 81mm and 120mm mortars; 84mm recoilless launchers; and 14.5mm ZPU-4 and 23mm ZU-23-2 air defense guns.

Who is The Current Head Of The Police?
• ANSWER: George Akuffo Dampare is the current Inspector-General of Police

What are the objectives of the Police?
• ANSWER: The mission of the Police Service is to ensure crime prevention and detection, apprehension and prosecution of offenders, consistent with the expectations of Ghanaians for safe, secure and peaceful communities

When did Ghana gain independence?
ANSWER: 6 March 1957

Which year was Ghana flag designed and who designed it?
• ANSWER: The flag of Ghana was designed and adopted in 1957 and was flown until 1962, and then reinstated in 1966.
• The Ghana flag was designed by Miss Theodosia Okoh

Police Numeracy & Logical Reasoning Questions & Answers For Police

1) Yesterday, Kofi earned 50 Cedis mowing lawns. Today, Kofi earned 60% of what he earned yesterday mowing lawns. How much money did Kojo earn mowing lawns today?
A. Ghc3
B. Ghc25
C. Ghc30
D. Ghc40

2) Kofi sells pies for Ghc10 each. Kwame sells beverages for Ghc1 each. If Kofi sells 23 apple pies and Kwame sells 17 beverages, what is the total in sales for both products combined?
A. Ghc17
B. Ghc213
C. Ghc230
D. Ghc247

3) A mountain path is 12.1 miles long. If a hiker walks along the path at a rate of 1.96 miles per hour, in approximate how many hours will the hiker walk the entire trail?
A. 6
B. 12.
C. 14
D. 24

4) Adjoa’s gross salary for last month was Ghc4,687.24. If Ghc421.78 was deducted from Adjoa’s salary pay, how much take-home pay did Adjoa earn this past month?
A. Ghc421.78
B. Ghc4,265.46
C. Ghc4,687.24
D. Ghc5,109.02

5) A woman’s store sells the following categories of clothing for the following prices:
Blouse: Ghc14 each
Skirt: Ghc16 each
Dress: Ghc25 each
Pantyhose: 2 pairs for Ghc3
Socks: Ghc7

6) Last month, Yaws checking account had a balance of Ghc347.20. Since then, Yaws deposited his paycheck of Ghc563.89 and withdrew Ghc478.53. What is Kofi’s checking account balance now?
A. Ghc432.56
B. Ghc432.65
C. Ghc456.23
D. Ghc456.32

7) In a box of stones, the ratio of red marbles to total marbles is 2:5. The ratio of green stones to total stones is 3:10. If the stones that are neither red nor green are blue, how many blue stones are in the box if there are 40 marbles in the box?
A. 12
B. 16
C. 24
D. 28

8)A lady goes to the store on a day when the store has a 20% off sale on all skirts. If Yaa buys 2 skirts, 1 dress, and 4 pairs of pantyhose, how much money does lady have to pay?
1. A. Ghc55.20
2. B. Ghc56.60
3. C. Ghc63.00
4. D. Ghc69.00

9. It takes an Engineer three hours to drive to his brother’s house at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. If He takes the same route home, but his average speed is 60 miles per hour, what is the time, in hours, that it takes him to drive home?

A) 2 hours and 33 minutes
B) 2 hours and 30 minutes
C)2 hours and 3 minutes
D) 2 hours and 60 minutes

10. A stamping machine can stamp 40 envelopes in 8 minutes. How many of stamping machines, working at the same time, are required to stamp 120 envelopes per minute?

A) 3 Machines
B)24 Machines
C)60 Machines
D)28 Machines

Police Literacy Questions & Answers For Police

Read the passage below, and answer question

Websites provide detailed, specific information on a wide variety of topics. Websites may offer objective information, or they may present a person’s opinion about a topic. Because web pages come from such a wide range of sources, it is vital that you evaluate the authority and the background of the Website before using or accepting any of the information presented.

  1. The author’s main purpose in the passage is to
    A. Caution on the use of electronic text
    B. Present sources of information
    C. Condemn the web information
    D. Commend electronic texts
  2. Which of the following sentences has the correct noun, pronoun and verb
    A. That bag is her’s but she has allowed the friend to take it
    B. That bag is hers’ but she have allowed the friend to take it
    C. That bag is hers but she have allowed the friend to take it
    D. That bag is hers but she has allowed the friend to take it
  3. Which one of the following sentences uses the correct order of adjectives?
    A. I bought a pair of new, nice red rain shirts
    B. I bought a pair of nice, new red rain shirts
    C. I bought a pair of red, nice new rain shirts
    D. I bought a pair of new, red nice rain shirts

We wish you the best of luck.

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