Prey Teaser Trailer Finally Unmasks the New Predator

The most recent Prey teaser video finally reveals the identity of the new Predator, displaying his shrieking, snarling visage in all its hideous grandeur. This most recent clip, titled “Hunt,” from 20th Century Studios once again previews the bloody conflict between the Predator and a Comanche warrior.

Prey, the newest film in the venerable Predator franchise, was written and directed by Patrick Aison. Prey, a prequel that isn’t quite a prequel, features the Predator making his first appearance on Earth. The extraterrestrial trophy hunter arrives in the Comanche Nation in 1719, ready for the hunt. There, it encounters a strong and capable warrior named Naru, who discovers the target of her scouting is a well developed alien with a technologically advanced arsenal.


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