Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian passes a key law exam on her fourth attempt.

After three unsuccessful attempts, businesswoman and Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has finally passed a key law exam on her fourth attempt.

The 41 years old star broke the news on social media. She used the opportunity to encourage her fans not to give up on their dreams.

Kim Kardashian has been a serious advocate for criminal justice reform. She went as far as lobbying at the White House.

Despite not having an undergraduate degree, the Reality TV star has been studying, supervised by mentorship of lawyers.

According to Kardashian, she has been told that the journey will be a difficult one and possibly harder than the conventional law school path.

With joy and excitement, the businesswoman announced that she has overcome the difficulties to pass California’s first year law students exam.

“For anyone who doesn’t know my law school journey, know this wasn’t easy or handed to me” she said.

In another post, Kardashian said, “Looking in the mirror, I am really proud of the woman looking back today in the reflection”.

Kim Kardashian also thanked the people who motivated and encouraged her to pursue her dream in studying law. “…I appreciate you for letting me tag along & ask all of the little questions along the way” she said.

She also added that, her dad, “would be so proud & he would actually be so shocked to know that this is my path now but he would’ve been my best study partner…”.

Kardashian’s late father Robert Kardashian was himself a lawyer. He was part of the legal team that represented the former American football star O.J. Simpson in his high-profile murder trial in 1995.

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