Review free SHS policy; it’s unsustainable – Michael Agyekum Addo

Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo, founder and CEO of the Mikado Group of Companies (formerly the KAMA group), has encouraged the government to review the free Senior High School program.

He asserts that the program is unsustainable as it is, despite the program’s noble objectives and long-term advantages.

Speaking to host Paa Kwesi Asare on Business Focus on TV3 on Monday, August 15, he said that government must refrain from launching what he called “emotional initiatives” only to appease its followers.

He explained Ghana’s current problems as the result of poorly run domestic affairs.

”if you spend more than you earn you will go broke,” he said.

Asked if he thought the Free SHS Policy was sustainable, he said “I think we have got to review it. With time we must review everything, if you’re having difficulty in terms of income visa a visa expenditure, let’s review it. 

“Nothing stops you from having a change and I believe the government is thinking about it. Like buying books, more day schools, food. Some of these areas I think we can cut down and things will work out and there will be that sustainability.

“Emotional expenditure, government wanted to please Ghanaians by giving us free SHS, it’s an emotional expenditure but it is costing us so much but because it is a good cause let us find a way of increasing our income and I think it will be ok.”

He argued that a country shouldn’t be ruled by the government on the basis of feelings and urged for emotional balance.

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