Sarkodie to appear in court over 30k tweets for a Kantanka car hoax

An Accra High Court has summoned award-winning musician Michael Owusu Addo, better known by his stage name Sarkodie, to testify in a case against Kantanka, a car firm.

Jude Osei has filed a lawsuit against the Kantanka Automobile Company for allegedly failing to deliver on a promise to offer him a Kantanka Mensah vehicle after he reached the 30,000 retweet threshold.

In a writ dated May 14, 2019, the plaintiff stated that he successfully earned 30,000 retweets in a year, but that he did not receive his prize.

Instead, the Kantanka Automobile Company issued a statement claiming that the tweet offering a Kantanka Mensah automobile in exchange for 30k retweets is a “hoax” and should be ignored.

Plaintiff Jude Osei has taken the corporation to court to express his disappointment that the company took a year to publish a disclaimer after he attained his $30,000 goal.

Kantanka’s social media account is not fake, according to Jude’s lawyer, because it was once used to tweet a message to Sarkodie, to which the rapper replied.

In this regard, the artiste will appear before the Accra High Court on Monday, June 13 at 11:00 a.m. to “testify to matters he has knowledge of in respect to the instant suit.”

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