Senior Citizens join ‘fix the country, demonstration.

‘Fix the country’ demonstration which started 6am today August 4, 2021 saw protesters showing up from all parts of the country. The aged (senior citizens) were not left out.

These senior citizens who could have been resting in their beds but chose to fight for the next generation said, they have been waiting for a moment like this to express their displeasures.

Insecurity, poor road networks, quality of our educational and health system among others were the issues that forced them to come out.

Some were seen welding placards with inscriptions like:

  • “Fix the upstream oil industry “
  • “To fix the country we demand a fair share of our oil money “
  • “Where is the US$ 5 billion of our oil money after 10 years of Jubilee”
  • “Scrap hybrid system and adopt PSA to fix the country”

For 72 year old Madame Akousa Yeboah, she couldn’t hide but to express her sorrows and emotions on the untold hardship the current generation are experiencing. She was in tears as she expresses herself.

‘Fix the country’ campaigners are a non political movement of ordinary Ghanaians, middle-class and celebrities calling for a change and protesting against the socio-economic infrastructure challenges in the country.

Obed Annan Nortey

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