Stop the use of military uniforms and accoutrements without permit – GAF warns

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) have announced a series of operations to stop the unlicensed use and selling of military-style attire.

These steps, which will strengthen the current procedures, are necessary as a result of people and organizations that haven’t been given permission to use the uniforms and accessories continuing to do so, according to GAF.

Most importantly, it was said, these actions are directed against miscreants and impersonators who go to great lengths to obtain these uniforms in order to commit fraud and other crimes.

The GAF noted in a statement; “this state of affairs is an outright contravention of the National Liberation Council Decree (NLCD)177 of 1967, which is still in force. This Decree in part states that; ‘no person shall wear or use any military uniforms, equipment, or accoutrements or other material unless he or she is a member of the Armed Forces of Ghana.”

“It is based on this that personnel of the 4 Infantry Battalion in Kumasi recently rounded up some persons wearing different shades of military camouflage uniforms, captured in a viral video manhandling some civilians in the Kwabre South District. It later came to light that these persons were members of the District Assembly Taskforce who were carrying out duties for the District Assembly. Considering that they were dressed in military pattern camouflage uniforms, they were wrongly perceived to be GAF personnel thereby drawing GAF into disrepute. Aside the above, GAF has also picked up several impersonators in recent times and handed them over to the Police for prosecution.

“GAF has also noticed with dismay, the increased use of military uniforms by some private security personnel, musicians and other entertainers and consequently efforts are underway to halt the practice.

“It must be noted that besides the illegality of the use of the uniforms, accoutrement and equipment by these unauthorised persons or group of persons, others with criminal motives use them to impersonate and outwit unsuspecting members of public in order to perpetuate crime. Noting that these acts creates a sense of insecurity in the country and tarnishes the image of the military, GAF would not allow this situation to persist and will henceforth step up the arrests of these persons and deal with them drastically but in accordance to the due process of the law.”

Upon proper verification and identification of the soldiers, the issuance and sale of military uniforms and accoutrements to personnel have been streamlined and are being managed by Units and the Service Headquarters through Service and Post Exchange Shops.

As a result, military members who permit friends and family to use their uniforms and accessories or dispose of them illegally would face the same punishment under GAF regulations and national legislation.

“The Ghana Armed Forces therefore seeks the cooperation of the general public to curb the use of military uniforms and accoutrements especially by criminally-minded persons. It is also advised that unauthorised persons including celebrities, desist from wearing military uniforms as it is prohibited under NLCD 177. Those who continue to violate this law would be arrested and taken through the due process of law.

“The Ghana Armed Forces once again wishes to assure the general public of its commitment to protect the citizenry at all times. It therefore requires the support of all to enforce these measures in the interest of the needed peace and security for Ghana’s socio-economic development.”

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