The 1992 ‘Sakawa’ Constitution must die if we must live – Economic Fighters League

The Economic Fighters League in a statement has made it clear their readiness to fight for the abolishment of the 1992 Constitution.

The fighters believe the 1992 Constitution was adopted just to benefit a few elites to the neglect of the majority of Ghanaians.

Read the statement by the Economic League Fighters below:

“Constitutions are the foundations upon which democratic countries are built. They are supposed to guard against oppression and be the source of hope for the less privileged. Unfortunately, we are being governed with a constitution that serves the interest of the few to the detriment of the majority.

“For a few years now, the Economic Fighters League has made it our foremost agenda to push for the abolishment of the 1992 Sakawa constitution because of our conviction that we cannot have a bad constitution and expect a good society.”

The statement further added it is a great joy to see that “Ghanaians are getting increasingly aware that their enemy is the 1992 Constitution” after years of consistent advocacy and that the current Constitution” must die if we must live.

The Fighters are demanding and willing to work with individuals or organisations for a new constitution that will cut down on the size of government and government expenditure, scrape Article 71 holders benefits and emoluments, reduce the appointing powers of the president and so many other cankers they say are to blame for the underdevelopment in the country.

“Due to the urgency of the need for a New Constitution, we have decided to form a coalition of willing individuals and organizations to challenge the NPP/NDC in 2024 elections who continue to benefit from the 1992 Constitution and are hellbent on protecting it.

“This will enable us to fight the battle for New Constitution on two fronts in a coordinated fashion,” – Economic Fighters League.

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