The co-author of the Liberian president’s biography is in hot water.

The co-author of a biography of Liberian President George Weah has been barred from leaving the nation due to criticism about the book’s content.

Women’s groups are outraged by a chapter in which the president is quoted as making some lewd and demeaning remarks about his wife’s sexual practices.

According to reports, the president explains in the book why he chose his wife above other women for marriage, including her bed performance.

Clar Marie Weah, the first lady, has remained silent about the matter.

The latest incident occurred after US-based Liberian talk show personality Henry Costa uploaded portions from the book published over a decade ago online.

Isaac Vah Tukpah was forced to resign from his employment as an advisor to an opposition member, and he apologized for including the first lady interview.

The administration has refuted opposition assertions that the author was detained because of the publication.

President Weah in the statement says Mr Tukpah “is not being sought after” and that he is “free to live in or travel out of Liberia”.

The communications ministry said in a statement that he was prevented from leaving the nation on Tuesday night for his safety and because the border was already closed.
Women’s groups who are outraged by the book’s publication are reportedly preparing protests.

Many people, however, want the Liberian president to come clean and admit whether or not the authors of the biography lied about what he told them.

Source: BBC

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