“The Consumption of dog meat is part of my Culture”- Dr. Clement Apaak

Dr. Clement Apaak is the Member of Parliament for the Builsa South Constituency in the Upper East Region of Ghana on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress.

The Member of Parliament has cautioned animal rights groups to reconsider their take on the ban of dog meat. This is after the president of the Republic of Ghana was petitioned by Natasha Choolun an animal rights activist.

The petition mentioned that, “Dogs and cats are not food, but loyal companion animals that should be treated with kindness and respect, not brutalized and eaten”.

Reacting to the petition by the international animal right activist, Dr. Apaak in an interview with Class News said, “The consumption of any form of meat is a requirement to fulfil the protein needs of any organism, including humans.”

“In our case, we have various traditions, cultures and ethnicities and by thinking of those traditions and cultures, there are certain species of animals that were consumed. “So, for example, I am a Builsa; the consumption of dog meat is part of my culture, it’s part of my upbringing”.

Dr. Clement Apaak

The Builsa South MP further noted, “There are many groups like the Akyems, the Frafras, Dagaabas and, in fact, the Chinese as well as the Koreans and even some Japanese also consume dog meat”.

“… for anyone to say that there should be a ban on the consumption of something that is part of our culture and our tradition, clearly, I cannot see how that argument can be sustained on the basis of animal cruelty”.

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