The Cry of a Ghanaian Citizen

I always find it difficult to understand why people praise political leaders for executing a project. After all, they were voted into power to do those things. Besides, the money used in executing these projects is from the tax payers and not from the pockets of political leaders. When are we going to realize that politicians are not doing us a favor? When I see a lot of people gather waiting for a politician to come commission a completed project; I ask, what holiday is it? They are waiting to sing praises to the politician for doing his civil duty.

That is their job, for Christ’s sake. We should rather focus on seeing to it that, there is value for money. Also, ensuring that the very fundamental needs of the society are provided. These politicians have taken us for a ride for long. It is time to let them know that they are not doing us a favor. We gave them the power to serve us, and that is exactly what we should remind them to focus on.

We should be prepared and ready to ask questions and demand for answers. We should demand for accountability. We should make it a habit to defend and protect state property. I think the only instance where these political leaders deserve praises, is when they put the nation first in executing their civil duties.

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