“There is no greater love”. Supermodel Naomi Campbell confesses as she welcomes a baby at 50.

Naomi Campbell is a Bristish model, actress and a businesswoman and she is currently the tourism ambassador of Kenya. The versatile international model has been in the business since she was discovered at the age of 15.

She has also appeared in several movies including ‘Catwalk, The Face’ and the award winning TV series titled Empire. She also ventured into singing where she has a R&B studio album to her name.

[bctt tweet="Naomi Campbell's first child"]

With a heart-warming picture, Supermodel Naomi Campbell announced to the world the arrival of her first child through social media. There have been a lot of congratulatory messages heading her way after her tweet.

Below is her tweet:

Some of the congratulatory messages are as follows:

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