Top ten African currencies with the highest exchange rates against the dollar

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  1. Tunisian dinar: This is currently the strongest and most valuable currency in Africa. As at the time of publication, checks by BI Africa shows that TND1000 converts to $353.05.
  2. Libyan dinar: Libya currently has the second strongest and most valuable currency on the continent, second only to Tunisia. When converted to the dollar, LYD1000 will give you $219.20.
  3. Ghanaian cedi: This West African country’s currency has the third highest exchange rate against the dollar in Africa. When we converted GHS1000, we got $164.74. That said, it’s important to note that Ghana had, in 2007, re-denominated its currency such that ten thousand Cedis became equivalent to one Ghana Cedi. The country’s Central Bank explained that the re-denomination became necessary for the sake of statistical convenience.
  4. Moroccan dirham: Morocco has the fourth strongest currency in Africa, for now. Checks by BI Africa showed that when converted to the dollar, DH1000 becomes $110.46.
  5. Botswanan pula: Botswana in Southern Africa has the fifth strongest currency on the continent. BWP1000 converts to $88.22. However, this may have changed slightly by the time you convert yours due to exchange rate volatility.
  6. Seychellois rupee: This tiny island country which is located in the Somali Sea, has one of the strongest currencies in Africa. SCR1000 converted to $78.35 as at the time of filing this report.
  7. Namibian dollar: When we converted NAD1000 to the dollar, we got $67.16.
  8. Eritrean nakfa: In Eritrea which is located in the Horn of Africa, they use a currency called the Eritrean nakfa. The currency has the eighth strongest exchange rate against the dollar. As at the time of comparison, ERN1000 converted to $66.66.
  9. South African rand: South Africa is one of the continent’s strongest economies. It also has one of the strongest currencies. When we converted ZAR1000 to the dollar, we got $66.63.
  10. Swazi lilangeni: Although it is among the poorest countries on the continent, Eswatini (Swaziland) has one of the strongest currency. When converted to the dollar, SZL1000 gave us $66.62.
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