Twitter accounts hacked: Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos and other big names affected.

It is normal to hear of social media hacking, where accounts of people are being controlled by someone else. Though this problem has been happening for sometime now, something unprecedented happen on 15th July,2020.

Some twitter accounts have been hacked, and this time, it is not just any account. But accounts of prominent people and world leaders. The affected persons include Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Joe Biden, Warren Buffett, among others.

A message on Jeff Bezos account reads “I have decided to give back to my community. All Bitcoin sent to my address below will be sent back doubled. I am only doing a maximum of $50,000,000. …”

Barack Obama’s account message reads “I am giving back to my community due to Covid-19! All Bitcoin sent to my address below will be sent back doubled. If you send $1,000, I will send back $2,000! … Only doing this for the next 30 minutes! Enjoy”.

Also, Bill Gate’s account message reads “Everyone is asking me to give back, and now is the time. I am doubling all payments sent to my BTC address for the next 30 minutes. You send $1,000, I send you back $2,000. …”

Twitter has assured everyone that the incident is being investigated and the public will be updated shortly.

Reactions of twitter users after the hack

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