Unknown individuals destroyed an ECG pole at Okwenya in Yilo Krobo

Electricity pole at Okwenya in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern region has been destroyed by unidentified individuals.

Seth Tetteh, the assembly representative for the Okwenya electoral district, verified the occurrence.

“Our community was not affected by the cut off by the ECG in the two Krobo Municipalities; Lower Manya and Yilo Krobo Municipalities, even though we are part of Yilo Krobo.

“We experienced light out around 11:30pm Thursday night ,we felt it was a usual light off. Only to wake up to find one electric power pole cut down, with a chain saw guess,” he said.

Mr Tetteh further explained that officials from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Military was at the Okwenya community to asses the Power pole.

“The ECG manager and some Military personnel came to check the Power pole, they promised us that the Police will be in our community. We pray they come to fix the pole for us,” he said.

The Electric pole is one of many Power poles that help pump water to the Water Station at AKorley and connect electricity from Akuse to Aseseaso.

Residents that use the Akorley water plant for their water supply would face a double crisis if the scenario persist, since they would be without both energy and water.

Ten days have passed since the Lower Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo Municipalities’ electricity supply was shut off due to employee safety requirements.

Residents, businesses, and senior high schools are all in dire need of fuel to run generators in order to survive.

The local economy is also steadily slowing down, and residents are suffering mentally due to their inability to deal with the darkness.

A number of meetings between local chiefs, ECG management, and the Energy ministry have not yet resulted in a peaceful solution to the standoff.

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