Utility tariffs (Electricity, water) increased by 27.15%, and 21.55% respectively; effective September 1st.

On September 1, 2022, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) will enact new tariffs.

Electricity and water rates are anticipated to increase by 27.15% and 21.55%, respectively.

This was stated in a press release that the Commission issued today, 15th August, 2022.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has finished the procedures necessary to review and approve utility tariffs for the years 2022 to 2025.

The Volta River Authority (VRA), Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC), Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo), Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo), Enclave Power Company (EPC), and Ghana Water Company Limited submitted proposals as part of the tariff review process (GWCL). The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) also submitted ideas to the Commission regarding anticipated natural gas volumes and prices for various gas supply sources.

The commission note; “in balancing interests of the service providers and consumers, the PURC acknowledged that the very economic variables that have occasioned the steep increases proposed by the service providers also affect the consumers.” 

The Commission did concede that some utility rate hikes were unavoidable if the country was to avoid another dumsor and all of its consequences, including job losses.

Therefore, the Commission agreed to raise the average end-user tariff for electricity by 27.15% and for water by 21.55%, both of which will take effect on September 1, 2022.

According to the Commission, these rates are attentive to and responsive to the perspectives of all parties involved in the utility sector and in accordance with Section 3(c) of the PURC Act of 1997. (Act 538).

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