(Watch): A ‘trotro’ driver had his life changed after abandoning passengers to meet Shatta Wale.

The dream of a ‘trotro’ driver meeting his number one celebrity in Ghana came through after Shatta Wale arrived at the premises of Hitz FM for an interview with Andy Dosty. The ‘trotro’ driver abandoned his car with passengers after seeing Shatta Wale. He asked the ‘mate’ to return the passengers monies, since he can’t continue his work without seeing his idol Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale is a well celebrated dance hall artist in Ghana who has a lot of back to back hits to his name. The Shatta Movement president has also won a lot of awards nationally and internationally. Shatta Wale is known to pull huge crowds anywhere he goes, but what happened between him and the ‘trotro’ driver is spectacular and emotional.

According to a reporter at Joy FM, the driver took his shirt off, trying to get into the building just to see Shatta Wale but the security had to step in. Shatta Wale after hearing this, opted to go out to meet the driver. But he was asked to wait for the driver to be brought into the studio.

The driver fell to the ground face down paying homage to the dance hall king, who was speechless after seeing a tattoo of himself at the back of the driver. After hugging and lifting up Shatta Wale, the driver shouted “I’m done” and started leaving the room. Wale who was touched by the gesture of the driver asked for his number, but the driver declined giving his number, saying that seeing him alone is enough.

Watch what happened below:

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