(Watch): Angry taxi driver goes naked and curses service providers for blocking his SIM card

The consequences of the punitive action taken against users who have not re-registered their SIM cards have changed.

Some mobile network users have reported service problems as a result of the National Communications Authority’s punishments, which include a ban on outgoing calls (NCA).

A cab driver in Accra entered one of the city’s telecom businesses on Thursday to voice his displeasure with his situation.

Uncertainty surrounds what happened in the office, but the video about the driver which is currently trending suggest things didn’t go well in there.

The young man stripped naked and crossed the busy road while carrying a bottle that appeared to be filled with booze, shocking onlookers.

He hoisted the bottle high and shouted angry incantations as he crossed back to the office’s parking lot, where his car was, and got dressed.

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