Watch: “Stupid old guys”. Kevin Taylor fires pundits attacking Wiyaala.

Wiyaala has been the topic of discussion among many radio and TV shows lately over a video she posted on social media. In the said video, Wiyaala asked radio and TV pundits to stop mentioning her name in their discussions if she is not relevant in Ghana.

The warning from Wiyaala to pundits ( in her words bloggers) comes after she felt some statements made about her by producer JMJ and pundit Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo is undermining her career. Wiyaala mentioned in the video that she will not make ‘foolish’ songs or ‘show skin’ in the name of awards.
Wiyaala sends warning to pundits

The strong warning from Wiyaala has caused a lot of heat in the entertainment industry. Some pundits claim she has insulted all media personalities as well as her colleague musicians.

In an interview; Bulldong, Shatta Wale’s manager compared Wiyaala to other celebrities, saying Wiyaala shows her skin in her videos just that her ‘hard skin’ is not the taste of the people. Only God knows the taste he is implying.
Bulldog talks about Wiyaala

It is in light of this that Kevin Taylor, a social commentator has jumped to the defense of Wiyaala. Kevin Taylor on his show “with all due respect” called pundits attacking Wiyaala “stupid, old fools”. He added, Wiyaala is a national treasure hence must be accorded the necessary respect and recognition.

Watch video below:

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